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"Maker of fine yew longbows and recurve bows for the archery community."

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 Jay St. Charles, bowyer

updated: February 5, 2018

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Pacific Yew Inc.

*Self Yew Longbow Workshops - Summer 2018 Dates coming soon


General Order Information for all bows

The St. Charles Thunderbird 1953 Classic Recurve Link - Classics in Stock

These bows mirror the construction and detail of the original classic 1953 Thunderbird Recurves designed and built by my father Glenn St. Charles

Using exacting copies of the original bow forms combined with modern fiberglass and adhesives
Each is personally hand crafted by Jay St. Charles




The St. Charles Thunderbird Recurve Anniversary Edition Details Link


Pacific Yew Classic Longbows in Stock


Pacific Yew  Takedown Longbows - Takedowns in Stock

Pacific Yew Self Longbows
Custom order only

Books Videos/DVDs

Archery/Bowhunting Books, Videos/DVDs by Glenn St. Charles Description and Book Order Info


History of an Original: The St. Charles Thunderbird Recurve Bow

War Arrow Images/Stringing

Mounting Takedown Sleeves

2003 Northwest Archery Museum Mini-tour

Saxton Pope and Art Young Image Gallery


Northwest Archery LLC - Your Traditional Archery Resource

USA Archery - Traditional Archery Program -

Archery/Bowhunting Books, Videos/DVDS by Glenn St. Charles Description and Book Order Info

Compton Traditional Bowhunters - Our great national organization dedicated to bowhuntng with traditional tackle - named in honor of modern day bowhunting pioneer Will "Chief" Compton

True North Safaris N.W.T. Canada - Caribou in the Canadian Barrens

Traditional Bowhunters of Washington

Washington State Archery Association

Pope and Young Club North America's Premier Bowhunting Organization

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