Pacific Yew Self Longbows

Pacific Yew (Taxus brevifolia) is native to the Coast Ranges and the Cascade Mtns. of the Pacific Northwest, south to California and east into Montana. It is very tough and resilient yet relatively light in weight. The cream colored sap layer contrasts sharply with the reddish interior, giving these bows their distinctively beautiful appearance. The select Pacific Yew used to build our longbows is naturally seasoned for a minimum of three years and carefully processed.

As options we offer self or rawhide backing, horn or self nocks, classic "D" limb section or American semi-flatted "D" limb section , takedown or one piece.


Self Backed Yew Longbow or Rawhide backing?

Built from naturally seasoned Pacific Yew, "self" backed yew longbows utilize the protective elasticity of the natural outer sap layer to assure the safety of the bow's back. Self backed yew longbows are a uniquely natural combination of performance and beauty. Pound for pound of draw weight, they will often out perform the same bow backed with. Note that the natural sap layer is relatively soft and can be dented easy under rough use. Naturally backed yew longbows do hold up well over time when treated with proper care.

Backing a longbow with light rawhide adds to the bows toughness under bending stress and it serves as hard shield protecting the soft natural self back. Yew longbows that are intended for hard use hunting or rough woods shooting should be backed with rawhide to assure longevity.


 Full Horn Nocks or Horn Nock Overlays?

Classic Horn Nocks were used before the days of effective protective finishes to provide protection from the bows tip from moisture and hard knocks, as well. Hand shaped from natural horn, each matched pair of polished horn nocks are unique in color and complement the bow's appearance.



The Takedown or "Carriage" feature creates a longbow convenient for travel. Our sleeve and socket takedown assemblies feature a precision brass inner and stainless steel outer sleeve. Once mounted together the takedown is as solid as one piece bow.


Spliced Self Yew English or North American Style Longbows - 25 to 75 pound draw weights - 64 to 78 inch lengths: $1200.00
Length must be suitable to bow weight, projected use and archers draw length. Contact us to discuss these critical details

Takedown feature add $300.00

 Depending of the style and draw weight of the self yew ordered, delivery period on self yew custom orders will generally be within 12 months from date of deposit.

Guaranteed to the original owner under *normal use for six months
Normal use must be by the original owner only and  in the manner the bow was designed for. Damage from use by archers other than the owner, from shooting styles other than those discussed at time of order and signs of abuse void the offered guarantee.


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