The St. Charles Thunderbird 1953 Originals
*Cascade Archers Edition
In Stock Now - updated February 5, 2018

RH, LH or Double RH/LH

63" or  66" Bow Length

Draw Weights 20# to 65#

These fine bows mirror the construction and detail of the Original 1953 Thunderbird Recurves by Glenn St. Charles.
This Edition is named in honor of the pioneer *Cascade Archers Club of Seattle WA 1940-1967, our St. Charles Family home club for all those years
The Cascade Archers Club and it's member archers were involved in much of the early development of this iconic recurve bow

Each Individual built by 2nd Generation Bowyer Jay St. Charles

Limbs of select, matched hard rock laminations under Gordon glass
I-beam riser of hard maple and black walnut
Hard Tip Overlays
Dark Suede Spiral Wrapped Grip
Black Back, White Face

Each ships with two hand laid B50 bowstrings and fleece bow sock

$650.00, plus $30.00 shipping via USPS Priority

(Yew Limb Laminations available for and additional $100)

To Order Phone Pacific Yew Inc. at (425) 761-3696

Thunderbird 1953 Originals Editions in Stock:

63" RH/LH 45#@28"
63" RH/LH 26#@28"

66" RH/LH 40#@28"

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                                                      Thinderbird at
                                                      Thunderbird drawn

Comparison 66" 63"

Comparing 66" and 63"


Glenn St. Charles Thunderbird
Glenn St. Charles 1953 Mule Deer, Thunderbird bow, Mickey Finn Broadhead